Reconstituted Stone

What is reconstituted walling stone?

All Brick and Stone provide reconstituted walling masonry stone. Our walling range provides both contemporary and traditional options many of which are designed to match existing buildings in areas where stone was traditionally used as a façade material.

Reconstituted walling stone is a very popular choice with local developers and builders, it is widely accepted as a durable, attractive and cost-effective alternative to natural stone. This product is precast in moulds taken from authentic natural stone and thus recreates the unique textures and subtle characteristics of raw natural material. Walling stone is also produced using sawn, cropped and tumbled techniques which produce a truly authentic look and feel for any scheme.

Among the many options to consider when choosing reconstituted walling stone are the numerous variations in colour, texture and style. We have the experience and commitment to find the best solution for your specification, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is cast stone or reconstituted stone?

Cast stone also known as reconstituted stone, is an aggregate based precast product which is manufactured to replicate natural cut stone. It is typically made from fragments of natural stone which have been mixed with cement allowing the mixture to be poured and shaped as required in moulds. It provides a cost effective alternative yet its appearance is highly refined and for this reason has become hugely popular with developers, contractors and self-build clients.

There are many different formulas and types of reconstituted stone that may use different coarseness of aggregate or specific kinds of cement. It is this that makes cast stone such a versatile and useful building material. In many cases it outperforms natural stone in key areas – strength, resistance to moisture penetration and consistency of colour.

One of the primary appeals of this stone is that blocks of almost any shape can be created using specially formed moulds in which the stone is cast allowing us to produce a range of bespoke architectural products. Cast stone replicates natural stone extremely well and can transform the appearance of a building.

Here at All Brick & Stone we offer an extensive range of reconstituted architectural masonry products, some of which are included below. Contact us for further information.


A rectangular block of stone used for building purposes – used in construction work to provide a façade material.

pier caps, balls and finials

Pier caps are the stones that cap piers and also gate pillars. A pier cap can be used on its own, or sit underneath a ball, finial or other feature.

label moulds, tracery, pediments and columns

Architectural masonry features that create an entrance to a property and embellish the exterior.

hand carved name plaques and date stones

Stone signs are great for displaying engraved house names, house numbers, or even for use outside pubs and other businesses.

coping and quoin stone

Quoin stones form the corner of a building and can be both structural and used for visual effect. They often create a feeling of strength and add aesthetic visual effect to a building.

headers and cills

Bespoke stone products, made specifically to provide detailing for windows and doors.

plinth and string courses

Plinth courses run around the base of a building and string courses at any other point on the walls.

mullion window surrounds and door surrounds

Mullions are a structural element which divide two or more adjacent windows. Door surrounds provide a detail to match stone on other areas of your project.


Ornamental protective walls or railings commonly found at the edge of balconies, terraces, stairs and bridges.