Roof Tiles

How to choose the right roof tile?

The roof of a typical residential building equates to more than half of the visible surface area, meaning that the choice of material has a big impact on the character of a property. There are a vast array of shapes, sizes, textures, materials and colours available in today’s market – All Brick & Stone have invaluable experience matching roof tiles to bricks ensuring the two products create the desired aesthetic for your property. We specialise in high quality handmade clay tiles, no two tiles are quite the same, meaning a truly unique finish can be achieved.


selecting a tile

When considering a roof tile, researching the surrounding area can be critical to ensure that the specification is sympathetic to traditional architecture. If products require approval by the local council for planning permission, we can provide samples and technical advice. You may also need to consider other factors such as the level of exposure to the elements as well as the pitch of the roof.

Our experts are on hand to offer help and advice regarding the right roofing material for your project—simply get in touch and we’ll do all we can. We also we have a fantastic showroom at our head office showcasing the best of our tile range.


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Clay Roof Tiles

We offer a wide range of clay roof tiles both in colour and style to suit all types of roof design, both for new build and restoration projects. From handmade tiles providing bespoke character and aesthetic, to machine made where adaptability is a key feature – we offer a wide choice to suit almost any pitched roof design.


Natural Slate Roof Tiles

Natural slate suited to many applications. We offer a range of natural roofing slate from multiple sources to cater for all requirements. We complement this with slate cladding, slate paving, walling, sills and copings. The inherent beauty and qualities of slate have resulted in its specification and use by architects, developers and designers on a huge range of projects from residential developments to large commercial applications.


We are not a conventional materials supplier. We believe that best results are achieved when we work in partnership with you to specify the façade and roof materials together to ensure the best possible visual outcome for your scheme.


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