Brick Tinting

What is brick tinting?

Brick tinting is the process of physically and permanently changing the colour of bricks to either blend in seamlessly to surrounding facing brickwork or in some instances completely changing the colour of facing bricks to match a client’s specific requirement. In situations where there is no damage to existing brickwork, tinting can be the best solution.

The applied tinting solution penetrates the brick, mortar or stone, creating a coating which remains unaffected by extreme weather or UV sunlight. The treated surface can breathe in the same way as non-treated surfaces, and will weather at the same rate.

There are many reasons why brick tinting may be required – for example, older bricks weather over time, meaning that often the equivalent newer bricks may not provide a suitable match. The original brick may have been discontinued, poor brick blending when laid originally, mortar colour inconsistencies and long lead-times on new bricks.

All Brick & Stone and our partners have years of experience blending new and old brickwork for both interior and exterior elevations. We use brick tinting on all types of projects, from restoration and conservation through to new build and extensions of all types. We can tint to any colour – our product is bespoke made, meaning we can offer a solution for every requirement. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your project.

The results speak for themselves – below you can see some examples from our portfolio:

Brick & Masonry Tinting Services

We offer the following professional on-site masonry tinting services:

  • Brick Tinting
  • Mortar Tinting
  • Stone tinting
  • Colour Correction


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