Cut and Bond

Cost effective and made to order

Cut and Bonded Brick Specials and Refaced Bricks

Special shaped bricks are an integral part of British architecture and have been used within construction to create unique decorative features for many centuries. They are typically used for turning brickwork through angles, as well as creating coping, capping, plinth and cill details. We draw on decades of experience to find the solution that works for you, whether matching to existing building designs or creating something entirely new – we work to any design criteria. Ours is a complete service, from design through to delivery. These modern construction techniques also ensure that the appeal of traditional brickwork lives on in our buildings today.

The diversity of special shaped bricks provides customers with a vast range of sizes and styles. Many of these are listed in the British Standard BS4729 and are known as either non-standard or purpose made bricks.

‘Cut and Bonded’ brick specials are made using a process of cutting bricks and bonding them together. ‘Refaced’ bricks offer a more cost effective way of producing certain special shapes without the need for bonding. The process is ideal for plinth and cant specials where the brick is cut to its finished shape before being refaced to match an original brick colour or texture. These techniques have evolved, developed and improved over the years, allowing complex and intricate specials to be created.

For any project, whether your requirement is of conservation or contemporary design, All Brick and Stone have a highly experienced team readily on hand to offer both technical and practical solutions. Contact us to talk about how we can help.

Benefits of our cut and bond brick services

  • Quicker manufacturing lead times than moulded specials
  • We manufacture our specials from the same batch of standard bricks as used on your build, ensuring uniformity of colour and texture throughout
  • Cost effective
  • Standard bricks are often not manufactured in special shapes or sizes – in this instance ‘cut and bonded’ specials offer a great solution