Loose Flint

Natural and knapped loose flint

hand laid, authentic, decorative and stunning!

Natural loose flint has been used for more than 1,000 years in the construction of buildings and walls in this country. Flint is a fabulous material and versatile – suitable applications include newbuild projects as well as the repair and restoration of existing walls.

Knapped flint is still produced in a traditional process which involves individually striking, shaping or working natural flint to provide a flat face which is set outwards in a wall. Knapping flint in this way allows the glossy black and blue interior to be exposed and reveals a core that has been hidden for over 100 million years! Traditional walls often include a few unknapped flints showing the white skins within the mass of knapped material. These white chalk skins are tough and durable. There are many examples of flint walling still looking bright and clean after centuries exposed to the elements.


We supply a number of different loose flints, including:

  • Knapped Field flint – usually compiled of warming tones – yellows and deep browns, yet can also include natural contrasts of grey and white.
  • Knapped Chalk flint – usually blue-grey and white in colour, tones may vary from pale to deep dark and almost black.
  • Unknapped Field or Chalk Flint – We can also supply unknapped field or chalk flint exactly as it comes out of the ground.
  • 50/50 knapped mix – for those who desire a unique, multi-tonal effect we can supply a 50/50 mix that combines both knapped field and chalk flint.
  • Mix of knapped and unknapped in any of the above combinations

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