Limetree Cottage – Loose Flint


stunning extension to a pair of traditional english worker cottages


Architect Barbara Weiss designed and created her family home in Wiltshire and approached All Brick and Stone to come on board with her challenge.

Originally, the two 1904 worker cottages that were built on the plot were previously combined and a new extension was then planned in order to create a place that brought the love of the outside into the heart of the home.

The architects’ challenge was to ensure the new extension wasn’t too overbearing and was keen to follow the tradition of local vernacular architecture. The extension creates a form with a south facing L shaped terrace creating a calm and sympathetic backdrop to the original cottage. The roof line was exceptionally important to mirror the same pitch as the two worker cottages taking on local vernacular both in materials and design.

All Brick and Stone were approached and we put together a shortlist of materials that were sympathetic to the original cottage and then the architect made the final choices.

Supplied for this scheme was a bespoke handmade blend which included cut half bats laid in a Flemish bond along with glazed headers blended into the brickwork. We supplied pre-fabricated English bond brick faced arches with a full 215mm deep faced soffit and rebated bearings to allow seamless bonding with the brickwork.

We also supplied a bespoke blend of 3-4inch loose knapped and unknapped chalk flint for this project which was in keeping with what the architect had seen within the local area. Along side this, natural limestone cills and thresholds were sourced and supplied to provide a natural and organic feel to the overall build.

The overall project was a huge success and the architect is very happy with her inside out house. Click below to hear from Barbara Weiss how she transformed her home and how we helped.

©Rachael Smith Photography