Berkshire House – Grey Long Format Bricks


Supplying contemporary long format bricks


A contemporary modern design featuring grey long format bricks displaying a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

All Brick and Stone were approached by Cookham Design and their Architects practice to visit and discuss a new project they were involved with.

Discussions were had surrounding material choices and the range of options available. As a reputable supplier of quality brick products, we were able offer more contemporary options and put forward linear brick types that would achieve the very modern design the client was seeking.

Having access to multiple suppliers allowed All Brick and Stone to offer a variety of options and having an idea on colours meant options could be tailored.

After reviewing the samples and a few more visits, they were narrowed down to 3 or 4 brick types varying from white, grey and brown cream.  The client decided on the final brick which would achieve the desired aesthetic.

The linear bricks added a contemporary finish to the project and helped bring the design vision to life. It is always a privilege to be involved in such unique projects and assisting with such a nice practice.