Long Format Bricks

longer linear bricks

Long format bricks have become a firm favourite with architects in the UK in recent years, producing a drastically different effect in work to traditional size equivalents. Linear bricks, some more than 500mm in length, are also known as Roman bricks.

The use of long format bricks allows architects to explore unique design possibilities. They provide a distinct visual appeal, adding a unique texture and dimension to the overall appearance of a building. The elongated shape of these bricks creates a sleek, modern and contemporary look.

These elegant, colourful long bricks are produced in a wealth of sizes, colours and textures, creating striking aesthetic opportunities for contemporary design requirements. The advantage is they will ensure a unique style and add finesse to facades, emphasising the horizontal, linear aspects of a building. Another benefit of using these elongated bricks is their ability to minimize visible mortar joints. The reduced number of joints adds to the clean and streamlined appearance of a building’s exterior.

All Brick and Stone partner with market leading manufacturers, supplying both UK made products as well as a growing range of excellent bricks from continental Europe.

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