Berkshire House – Jali Brickwork



Unique and stylish bespoke home featuring intricate Jali brickwork


Situated in a local village of Berkshire, this stunning newbuild bespoke home was designed to replace the existing dwelling and presents a contemporary architectural design which reflects and incorporates traditional brickwork.

All Brick and Stone were approached and appointed to ensure that the specifications were met and provided valuable advice throughout the collaboration process. One of the main factors taken into consideration was the local surrounding area; including the 12th century church, neighbouring the grade 1 listed manor house playing a crucial role in determining the type of brickwork that would be used. The goal was to reflect the existing materials in the area while still staying true to the design concept. It was important not to compromise the overall aesthetic of the project while also creating a cohesive look that harmonised with the surrounding environment.

All Brick and Stone put forward a bespoke blend of handmade bricks intermittently scattered with grey glazed traditional headers for the main house. A more traditional brick type was chosen for the boundary wall which consisted of a rougher handmade brick type.

Another requirement for the design was the feature of Jali brickwork which is commonly known as ‘hit and miss’ brickwork. The design created a decorative screen using this brick pattern allowing for light to flow through the house while also providing a visually appealing element. The challenge we had was to ensure the bricks were drilled correctly for installation whilst also delivering within their construction deadline.

Roof tile samples were also issued for the for the main house, boathouse and the shed, which required careful consideration to ensure that the colour, texture, and style of the roof tiles would seamlessly integrate with the natural environment along with the existing buildings. Other features of the property included pre-fabricated arches which were also supplied.

Working through the COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges. One of the significant obstacles we encountered was ensuring the timely shipment of imported handmade materials. Managing these delays required effective communication and coordination with our suppliers and shipping partners. In addition to the logistical challenges, the location of the boathouse coincided with an area of historical significance, containing Saxon remains. This made the process more complex and required excavation which in turn caused delays.

We maintained regular communication with all stakeholders, including suppliers, shipping partners, and the contractors which helped us navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19. Overall the project was a success with happy clients.