Flint Blocks

market leading flint block system

The method for laying traditional loose flint requires highly skilled craftsmen and can be a time consuming and expensive process. In practical terms, this means there are a limited number of applications in which this beautiful natural material is a viable construction option. All Brick & Stone supply a pre-fabricated flint block system as a cost effective and practical alternative.

what is a flint block?

These blocks are specifically designed to make installation easier without losing out on the unique aesthetic that loose flint brings to any project.  A flint block consists of knapped flint pressed into each block by hand giving each one a unique and traditional effect. They can be laid in a conventional way meaning there is very little waste and quick to lay.  Manufactured at source to the highest standard, our market leading product is extremely popular and provides the individual hand-laid effect of loose flint.

Our product stands out from other market offerings in two crucial areas. All Brick & Stone blocks are unique in being manufactured slightly oversized at 445 x 220 mm and are designed to be laid with a 5 mm mortar bed. This reduces the visibility of the joints and therefore mimics loose flint providing a seamless look. We also effectively replicate a traditionally laid product by utilising an average of 13 – 15 individual pieces of flint per block and thus reducing the amount of mortar pointing required – this is key to achieving a sympathetic visual result.


Flint Block                 50 50 Chalk Flint Block                    Unkanpped Chalk Flint Block


Knapped Field Flint Block50 50 Field Flint Block    Unknapped Field Flint Block


benefits unique to All Brick & Stone pre-fabricated flint blocks:

  • Any natural random laid flint can be supplied in flint block form
  • Blocks can be manufactured to match any existing random stone structure, subject to availability of the matching material
  • Actual block size: 445 x 220 x 100 mm – designed for use with 5 mm mortar beds to reduce visibility of joints
  • Easy to install. No specialist skills or tradesmen required
  • Arch, angle, gable and corner blocks can be made in ¼, ½, ¾ and full block sizes
  • Regular block testing is undertaken by independent laboratories
  • Our lightweight block (weighing 17kg) falls well within the Manual Handling Regulation Guidelines published by the Health & Safety Executive
  • Our blocks conform with all legislative requirements and carry full product liability insurance
  • Flint blocks are handcrafted and no two blocks are identical
  • All blocks maintain a compressive strength in excess of 10 N/sqm and a thermal transmittance (U value) in the order of 3.75 W/m 20C
  • Our team of experienced technical staff are available for laying, pointing and specification advice


flint block size chart:


our services include:

  • We can produce sample panels for client approval on site
  • Create a bespoke mix of flint
  • Advise on mortar and practical elements of using loose flint
  • Specification to match in both historic and contemporary design
  • Consultation on material selection
  • We can provide samples for delivery and on site
  • View our flint blocks in our showroom