Reclaimed Bricks


reclaimed bricks: perfect for property restoration


There are certain applications where reclaimed bricks are the only viable solution for a building material. One such example is when a sympathetic match to an existing façade or surrounding area is required for a period property – the original bricks are often no longer manufactured, meaning that reclaimed bricks are the only way of producing a satisfactory result. They are not only attractive and add character to any property, they also offer an environmentally friendly construction option. There are also a lot of new produced reclaim bricks that match very well to old and reclaimed brickwork. There are many benefits of using them over true reclaims.

All Brick and Stone work with specific partners to reclaim bricks from demolition sites, ensuring the quality of our product is the best on the market. We can match reclaimed bricks for any application and have the expertise required to ensure you maintain the traditional aesthetic of your property without compromise.

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