Reclaimed Bricks


reclaimed bricks: perfect for property restoration


Here at All Brick and Stone, we appreciate the rustic charm and character that reclaimed bricks bring to buildings. As a primary source in the UK, our team specialises in supplying reclaimed bricks, ideal for new construction and restoration projects. We can match your existing facade or craft a unique decorative feature.

We understand that the bricks from older buildings, often no longer manufactured, are essential to preserving the look and integrity of period properties. These bricks captivate with their aesthetic appeal and offer an environmentally friendly building solution.

We offer an extensive range of brick types and colours, ensuring we can match and supply ideal bricks for any project. We take pride in sourcing suitable materials for individual requirements to help our customers receive the best quality reclaimed bricks available.

Whether it’s red bricks or stone-like textures you’re after, we provide an array of sizes and colours, each imbued with its unique character. Aside from offering you a variety of reclaimed bricks, our team can discuss your needs, help you select the perfect brick, and even arrange delivery to your project site.


Contact our team for enquiries about our product range, pricing and services. We are ready to collaborate, understand your project needs, and offer expert guidance to ensure your optimal choice.


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