Facing Bricks

Photo credit HG Matthews

what are facing bricks?

Facing bricks have been the most popular material for external wall construction and a traditional brick has been used in this country for hundreds of years. They are chosen primarily for their visual qualities, but are also weather resistant and incredibly durable.  They are primarily the ‘front’ facade of a building that may be made from clay, concrete, or other materials and are commonly used in residential and commercial construction projects. The choice of facing brick will be instrumental to the visual effect of any building.

our products

All Brick and Stone are renowned for offering an unrivalled range of facing bricks that spans the entire UK market as well as providing products from mainland Europe and beyond. We have a brick library online to browse or better still, we have a brick showroom here at our office where you can visually see samples. Our showroom provides the opportunity to explore textures, colours and types.

Our passion for facing bricks combined with our expertise, enables us to provide invaluable assistance to our partners in facilitating the construction of exemplary buildings that blend naturally into their surroundings. Our team of experts work closely with our partners throughout the entire construction process, allowing us to source and supply the perfect product for your construction project.

Facing bricks offer several advantages that contribute to their popularity and long-standing use in external wall construction:

  • Weather Resistant
  • Durability
  • Fire Resistant
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sustainability

types of facing brick

Soft Mud (Stock or Handmade) bricks – These are produced using a traditional method where clay is thrown into a mould either by hand (handmade) or by a machine (Stock), producing warm, soft colour palettes and a variety of textures.

Extruded (Wirecut) bricks – The most popular method of production in the UK, wirecut facing brick. The manufacturing process involves forcing clay through a die to create consistent sizes and shapes. The clay is then cut into individual brick units using a wire, hence the name “wirecut.” This product can be produced in large quantities at high speed, ensuring that it is cost effective and consistent.

the right facing brick for you

Not sure what facing brick to choose? Or you have a product in mind and require guidance? Our team of experts can advise on a huge range of facing bricks. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll help you and provide a quote.


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