Windsor Girls School – Sixth Form Centre


Supplying brick facing materials for a new sixth form centre


In the Royal Borough of Windsor, is a thriving all girls school establishment which commissioned a new sixth form centre. The design consisted of a two storey building featuring various class rooms, refreshment areas and other facilities.

All Brick and Stone, being a reputable supplier of quality brick and stone products, were approached  to assist with this project. It was discovered that most bricks were on long lead times and therefore, the importance to find suitable options that matched the design specification along with obtainable quantities quickly became a priority. The request for two options posed an initial challenge however, we were able to find a solution which was sent off for approval.

Once the brick was chosen, it became apparent to us that there was protruding detail on the design for which the chosen brick was not suitable for. As the client approved of the brick, the second challenge was to then find a brick of a similar colour and texture which could be used for the detail. We immediately began searching for a product that would complement the chosen brick while also having the necessary compatibility for the protruding detail.

After numerous consultations and extensive research, we finally identified a suitable contender which had to be cut to a desired length and presented to the client for approval to ensure it met the specifications. Consideration also had to be taken into account with regards to logistics of delivery due to access and agreed school hours which meant it was a challenge to gain approval quickly.

Through our resourcefulness and dedication to finding a solution, we were able to overcome the challenges and deliver a finished product that exceeded the client’s expectations.