London Property – Intersecting Elliptical Brick Arches



Pre-Fabricated Intersecting Elliptical Brick Arches


All Brick and Stone were initially approached by the architect who required assistance with a brick match for a London-based property requiring London yellow stock brickwork. Subsequently, All Brick and Stone were then approached about the viability of utilising pre-fabricated brick arches in a distinctive and bespoke triple soffit design.

After a lengthy consultation with our partnering manufacturer, we were able to confirm that we could deliver a product within the budget constraints that we were given. In depth collaboration between the architect, manufacturer and main contractor took place to ensure that all design, structural and logistical challenges were overcome prior to manufacture.

One of the challenges unique to this scheme was to ensure safe delivery and installation of these intersecting elliptical brick arches. A mobile crane was required to lift the completed product over the entire house and drop it into place for installation in the rear garden! Successfully, the arches were installed in one piece and provide elegant architectural design to the property.

All Brick and Stone also supplied a bespoke blend of handmade facing bricks as well as hydraulic lime used in the manufacture of these stunning examples of what can be achieved with offsite pre-fabricated brickwork solutions.