Decorative and Special Bricks

           Photo credit © HG Matthews

Decorative Bricks and Specials


Decorative bricks and brick specials have been an integral part of the architectural landscape in this country for hundreds of years. All Brick & Stone are passionate about ensuring that our heritage continues – we specialise in the production of bespoke brick specials for restoration work on period properties. We can match to any existing shape, colour or texture, enabling the beauty of traditional buildings to be preserved for future generations.

Decorative or specially shaped bricks are also utilised on new build projects as they create an attractive effect and give designers the flexibility to create distinctive qualities to complement and contrast a standard metric or imperial brick. These beautiful bricks are particularly suited to traditional architecture, meaning they continue to be very popular in the UK.

Finding the correct decorative brick or brick special for your project, whether for matching to existing or specifying for a new scheme, requires the expertise and industry knowledge of our team. Contact us to find out how we can help you.





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