Cooper Lodge Boarding House


Supplying brick and stone facing materials for a new boarding house


Set in the grounds of an established boarding school in Oxford, a new 55 room boarding house was commissioned. The overall design required a material palette similar to the existing houses set within the location.

The architect approached All Brick and Stone for assistance with this project, as the need for specialist facing materials were of great importance.  The architect had a clear vision and required buff/yellow brick samples for the development to sit sympathetically with the local random building stone.

Working closely with our suppliers, All Brick and Stone were asked to advise and specify products sympathetic to the overall design and colour palette.

Our team were able to put forward at least four brick sample panels that were built on site. These were reviewed for specification with the client until the choice of a brick type was later decided. As the project progressed, wet cast stonework was also selected to suit the design. We sourced and supplied the window surrounds along with the copings, columns, entrance arch and finials which offset the overall design with their striking features.

The muted tones of the brick and stone work met the required brief which depicts both a modern and traditional architectural look. The project was completed in 2020 and has undertaken a successful build.


© Claire Brooks Photography