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  • The Benefits of Flint

    Flint is a form of mineral quartz so is quite unlike most brick and natural stone we usually work with. We sell flint in two forms – loose flint and flint blocks, so they are perfect for a whole range of uses. However, if you’re not quite sure whether flint is the ideal material for your next job or project, read on to find out a bit more about the benefits of flint.


    It Looks Great!

    Flint provides a unique style and look that can give a rustic appeal to the buildings it is used in. You can find a number of different shades and tones depending on the type of flint you use, so it could be perfect for just about any and every project. Using flint on the exterior of a building is something that you are likely to see in the south of England, so this can be an excellent material to use if your project requires that the building conforms to the style of those that surround it.

    It is Incredibly Durable

    Flint is an excellent choice for a construction material as it is particularly hard-wearing and durable and resists weather more effectively than other stones and materials. This means that it is ideal for being used on exterior walls and other parts of the structure that may need to stand up to the elements.

    It Can be Easy to Use

    While using loose flint may be challenging at times, there are ways in which it can be rather straightforward. At All Brick & Stone, we can supply you with flint blocks which make the process of using flint in buildings simple and relatively fast. This can be beneficial to both you and the client as you save on time, helping you to complete the project in a timely manner.

    Using flint can be incredibly beneficial and you can find high-quality flint from us, here at All Brick & Stone.  Whether you want to invest in loose flint or flint blocks, we will be more than happy to help you find the right product for you and your project.

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