Stone Balustrades

houseStone balustrades give a property a very particular aesthetic. There’s something really impressive about sweeping balustrades, and the natural appeal of stone only enhances that fact. Fairly classical in appearance, they’re nevertheless just what’s needed to make a contemporary statement too, and – with both delicate and more substantial styles available – they can be tailored to any property. At All Brick & Stone, we’re as used to constructing decorative stonework as we are to carrying out purely structural projects, and our attention to detail results in some exceptional balustrade designs. However, such stonework must also be hard-wearing and weather-resistant; otherwise, its attraction will soon be lost. Happily, we can guarantee that too. All of our efforts will be focused on creating something that not only meets your short-term expectations, but exceeds your long-term ones too.

Providing Cast Stone Balustrades Throughout the UK

Despite being pretty solid in nature, cast stone balustrades are frequently used to finish off something like a patio, or to crown a small wall in the garden. On the face of things, you might think that they would be overpowering in such a situation, but the regular gaps between them ensures an elegant appearance, and that makes them perfect for a light, airy outdoor environment.

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Nowadays, not everyone is capable of manufacturing the type and quality of stone railings that you need to really finish off your property; it takes a certain expertise, after all. However, our experienced bricklayers are definitely up to the task, no matter how ambitious or modest your intentions might be. Contact All Brick & Stone today by calling 01189 798899 and set your stone balustrade plans in motion.