Stock Bricks

Once a symbol of prosperity in the capital, stock bricks are instantly recognisable as the traditional brick of choice for building facings in the London area. Made in southeast England from locally sourced clay comprising sand and alumina, the distinctive style and colour of stock bricks make them the ideal choice when renovating, maintaining or expanding Victorian and Edwardian-style buildings.

Traditional Stock Bricks for a London Building Style

The slightly porous quality of stock bricks increases their thermal insulation properties, and reduces the likelihood of damage from freezing by allowing excess moisture to drain out. They are generally lighter, with a characteristic ‘frog’ indent, which cuts down on unit costs and makes the bricklayer’s job easier. Whatever the weather, you can be sure that All Brick & Stone provide only the highest quality bricks that look great and last. Stock bricks are graded as 1st hard, 2nd hard or mild, depending on how well-burned they are and on their earthy shades of yellow, which can be tinged with orange, brown and purple. The tried and tested manufacturing process produces natural variations in texture and colour, so they don’t appear generic or factory-produced.

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