Semi Dry/Wet Cast Stone

4wetstonesAll ‘Our stone manufactures' ’products are cast in timber, resin or steel moulds. All moulds being constructed to a high degree of accuracy from workshop drawings produced inhouse using the latest CAD facilities. Our stone manufactures own skilled mould makers produce most of the moulds required. All components are made using the ‘Semi Dry’process, this enables each item to be immediately demoulded and hand finished. Initial curing is then carried out in a controlled environment before being packed. Many individual designs are inspired by classical architecture or more decorative styles. These unusual sizes, intricate or irregular shapes and special colours can, in most cases, be made to suit your particular project. Our stone manufactures design department will liaise with your ‘Designer’ or ‘Architect’ to create purpose-made products to your specifications. All components are carefully hand packed on to timber pallets; each layer of products is separated using timber laths wrapped in non – staining impact foam with individual products being separated by polystyrene spacers. Each window component is individually marked toidentify its build position. The pallet is then shrunk –wrapped to ensure that each component is secured within a taut and stable pack. Each pallet will be accompanied with a consignment note to identify the components within the pallet and its destination/ plotnumber. Each pallet is then carefully moved to ourstorage area where it is kept until it is required for delivery to site. The curing period for cast stone is generally 14 days – deliveries or collections inside this period are not recommended but can be facilitated providing the customer carries the responsibility for any subsequent damage or failure.