Reconstituted Stone

Sourcing and supplying our clients with bricks and architectural stone of all shapes, sizes and colours is our speciality here at All Brick and Stone Ltd. We’re one of the country’s leading brick suppliers dealing in these materials, so we will be able to provide you with whatever brick or stone products you require, whether it’s specially shaped bricks or reconstituted stone blocks. Reconstituted stone is an extremely popular and useful building material that has numerous applications. One of the primary appeals of reconstituted stone, which is also known as cast stone, is that blocks of almost any shape can be created through the use of specially created moulds in which the stone is cast. Reconstituted stone is typically made from fragments of natural stone which have been mixed with cement, allowing the mixture to be poured and shaped as require. There are many different formulas and types of reconstituted stone that may use different coarsenesses of stone or specific kinds of cement. It is this that makes reconstituted stone such a versatile and useful building materials. However, we offer our clients so much more than just reconstituted stone here at All Brick and Stone Ltd. We are primarily a brick merchants and as such we’re able to source and supply all manner of bricks suitable for various building projects. When it comes to brick and stone we are the experts and if we’re able to source the materials you require then we will be able to make them to order for you.