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  • Natural Stone: How to Preserve

    Natural stone can lend a dignified touch to a home or garden. The majestic hues, untouched by superficial details, are the ideal way to bring out the character of any area. However, such beauty needs to be maintained if it's going to continue to impress for years to come. As durable as the substance is, the face can lose some of its magic over the years due to various factors. Thankfully, there are a range of ways in which you can keep the surfaces looking as nature intended.             Modern empty interior with stone wall and wooden floor Protection from Oil & Smoke If the stone is already set in a busy public area or near an active family BBQ, then the stone runs the risk of being damaged and discoloured by smoke and oil. All manner of foodstuffs can affect the stone, including greasy items, coffee and spices. Even certain types of leaves can result in lasting effects. Investing in the right kind of impregnator sealer can prevent these stains from ever taking root in the stonework. Of course, sometimes you simply won't think about the damage until it appears. Thankfully, you can use various creams, pastes and removers to get rid of anything that already stands out before applying the impregnator. Fighting the Elements Frost and rain can result in mineral deposits forming, meaning the stone will begin showcasing an unsightly speckled look. Both acid and alkaline waters can bring out this effect, but thankfully there's a way to lessen the impact of it all. Using a breathable sealer will allow any early trapped moisture to escape, preventing major build ups from occurring. Specialist oils can help enhance the natural colour of the stone, making any unwanted pops of colour pale in comparison. General Dirt & Mess Natural stone set outdoors will always succumb to common dirt and grime that gets thrown about by the wind. The pesky build-up can be harder to get out than expected, but thankfully the solution to this is easier than all of the above. Combining a grime remover with water and then taking a brush to the surface after the solution has been left to work its magic will see the bulk of the dirt fall away. If you apply a sealer, you'll be able to keep the filth at bay for a longer period of time. Natural stone projects can often be daunting, but here at All Brick & Stone Ltd we are experts in the matter. Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to advise you in the matter
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