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Flint is a traditional building material that adds a beautiful rustic appeal to buildings. At All Brick and Stone we provide both loose flint and flint blocks for construction and design projects. Flint is a naturally occurring material, therefore is a truly environmentally friendly material that has been used throughout history. As a building material, flint has certainly become a firm part of English heritage and throughout the UK – it is the perfect way to add a unique aesthetic to a structure whilst retaining a classic and traditional look. Our flint is available in two separate options

Loose Flint

We supply a number of different loose flints including:
  • ‘Knapped Field’ flint – usually compiles of warming tones of yellows, deep browns, yet can also include natural contrasts of grey and white.
  • ‘Knapped Chalk’ flint –usually blue-grey and white in colour; tones vary from pale to deep dark, almost black.
  • 50/50 mix – for those who desire a unique, multi-tonal effect project, we recommend the 50/50 mix that combined both knapped field and chalk flint.

Flint Blocks

As using loose flint can be quite time consuming and requires much skill, we also supply flint blocks. These blocks are specially designed to make installation and construction easier without losing out on the unique aesthetic that loose flint brings to any project.  These blocks although, pre-made will provide you with the traditional hand, individual-laid result that you desire. Flint certainly is an impressive-looking material, especially when construction is complete; it can look incredibly beautiful when used on the front of new homes – especially in the countryside to retain that true rustic aesthetic. For more information about purchasing flint or flint blocks from All Brick and Stone, please get in contact. We will be more than happy to provide advice in regards to your individual project. Contact us on 01189 798899 to speak to us today.

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