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flintAs a trusted flint supplier, All Brick & Stone are often asked about quality flint blocks, and, as you might expect, we’ve been involved in a few projects that use them in our time! Once they’ve been laid and the beds have stiffened, we make the desired pointing mix for your block. Some are sand mortars of varying colours, whilst others include sharp sand, lime and grit. As an experienced flint supplier, we’d recommend a gauged mix for consistency. The mortar is then pressed into the spaces between the flints, and is left slightly proud until it starts to go off. Any large gaps are filled with separately supplied galleting flint.  

A Professional Supplier of Robust Flint Walls

For a great quality flint supplier, choose All Brick & Stone. We take great pride in our work, so once the pointing starts to change colour during the process to construct flint walls, the “cutting in” begins. The bricklayer carefully cuts around each flint with a pointing knife to produce the desired effect, although this can vary from site to site. Once completed, the wall area is brushed with a stiff brush to remove any mortar from the flint faces. This section shows the three stages of pointing that are needed to obtain the desired effect. The joints can be clearly seen until the section has been completely pointed; thereafter, they disappear.

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The finished flint walling product is quite impressive, to say the least. This panel is our sample for on-site use to exhibit its purpose in a cavity wall situation. Viewing on site expels any fears operatives may have about the use of the Dorset Flintblock, and also demonstrates our reveal block, which goes on to eliminate the need for brick or stone quoins. Simply put, our pride and dedication to being a trusted flint supplier means we couldn’t take any more care or be any more professional than we are. For more information about our flint blocks, or if you have any further questions about our services as professional flint suppliers, contact us today by phone on 0118 979 8899 or by email at brickman@allbrickandstone.com. Alternatively you can take advantage of filling out our quick and simple form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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