Engineering Bricks

Where you need high compressive strength and low water absorption, engineering bricks offer the perfect solution. These bricks are classified according to these qualities as either “Class A” or “Class B”. Class A engineering bricks are usually blue and have an even lower water absorption rate than Class B bricks, which are usually red. Here at All Brick & Stone, we are able to source engineering bricks of either class at affordable prices to suit your project’s needs and your budget, and our expert team will be happy to advise you on the best class for your requirements.

Reliable Engineering Brick Suppliers

Engineering bricks are suitable for a wide range of uses, and are often found in structures where strength is a vital consideration, such as foundations and load-bearing situations. Because of their specific qualities, including added resistance to water and frost, engineering bricks are suitable for both above and below ground use. Class A bricks can, in certain situations, be used as a damp course brick. With their distinctive blue colouring, they can also be used as a decorative feature in the construction of your wall; although not all manufacturers will inspect them for aesthetic purposes as thoroughly as they would facing bricks, they can provide a striking contrast if carefully selected.

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At All Brick & Stone, we offer a reliable and affordable supply of engineering bricks for sale, alongside an excellent range of facing bricks and cladding for projects where you need a more attractive exterior finish. We can supply all manufacturers’ bricks direct to your site, making it simple and easy for you to get on with the job. For more details, or to get a quote based on your individual requirements, contact us on 01189 798899 today.