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  • Brick vs Stone : Which is More Aesthetically Pleasing?

    When building a new property, extension, outbuilding or even a smaller scale project like a fireplace, one of the first tasks is to decide what basic material you are going to use. At All Brick & Stone Ltd, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether to opt for brick or stone for the structure – you could even say the choice puts you between a “rock and hard place”. Our answer is that both are clearly durable and great for creating strong, weather-resistant buildings and walls. They also lend themselves to some internal projects. But which of the two looks the best?
    Stones Have “Natural” Appeal Choosing stones for your construction project means you can have them cut to the size you need. This makes them flexible for structures that are a little quirky or unusual. The colour variations available for stones can also lend buildings an air of individuality. Stone tends to be a popular building material when you are looking to create a more natural and timelessly elegant effect. After all, people have been using stones to create homes and other building for centuries, so they will give your project a sense of heritage. Using locally quarried stone can mean your property blends in with other local buildings, as each region tends to produce stones of different colours and textures. Because they come from the local area and have a more natural look, stones can be particularly visually appealing for building projects that want to blend into the environment around them too.
    Part of the modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering
    Brick-Up On Advantages Bricks are the path to better buildings for some people because their uniform size creates a smoother surface and visually pleasing symmetry. This man-made material can be bought in a wide range of specifications. Apart from the fact this offers creative design options, it also means you can use different qualities of brick for different projects, matching materials to the available budget. So you still get the aesthetic appeal but for an adjustable price. Bricks offer you different colours to choose from – and you can even create beautiful building projects by using a combination of colours, multicoloured bricks or even “mottled” effect bricks. For aesthetic flair, why not add in decorative bricks to make structures stand out? Or create patterns from various shades and colours of bricks. Red brick, in particular, can look smarter and “warmer” than stone. And reclaimed bricks can “age” a structure such as a fireplace which can be visually appealing.
    What Will You Choose? Both stone and brick clearly have their aesthetic appeal and construction benefits. If you really can’t choose between the two, fear not, it is quite common to use a combination of both. One of the best ways to decide on the most appealing and appropriate materials for your building task is to chat to the experts at All Brick & Stone. Contact us today and we can make sure your building looks its best.
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