Brick Cleaning & Tinting from All Brick & Stone

At All Brick & Stone, we offer a high-quality brick cleaning and tinting service, allowing us to restore buildings to their former glory. Both modern buildings and period properties are affected by the weather, and this can lead to them becoming unattractive, thus negatively affecting their value. That’s not something you want, so our brick cleaning and tinting is the solution to this problem.

Quality Brick Tinting and Cleaning for Your Property

Please view the images below to see how dramatic and effective brick tinting and cleaning can be. See what we mean? Rebuilding walls or replacing bricks is not the most practical or cost-effective solution when it comes to dirty, unattractive bricks. In cases where there’s no damage to the bricks, tinting is the best option. Old, stained bricks can be cleaned to match newer bricks, or even just for a cosmetic boost. Our exceptional services can provide you with the dream property you deserve. Brick cleaning is an excellent way to take years off your property and make it look brand new again. Throughout its life, your home or commercial property goes through a lot – from rain to dirt and air pollution – and all this leaves your home looking older than it should. However, under the layers of grime and weathering, the bricks will usually be untouched, so cleaning them is all that’s needed.

Contact All Brick & Stone for Brick Staining, Cleaning and Tinting

Our full services for brick staining, tinting and cleaning are available for commercial and domestic clients, so if you’d like more information about these methods, please get in contact with us today. Call the All Brick & Stone team on 01189 798899 for the brick cleaning solution you really need.

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