Brick Arches, Structural & Prefabricated Brick Arches

Brick arches are part of our architectural heritage. Today, only the best bricklayers can construct exacting arches using the raw materials that are available. Many historic buildings fall into disrepair or lose their aesthetic glory, and as one of the UK’s leading brick suppliers, this is where we can help. At All Brick & Stone, we offer a service to reproduce these using contemporary techniques to recreate the beautiful brick forms of the past. These can be concrete-backed prefabricated brick arches or even pre-cast structural brick arches, as well as ‘lite’ or loose designs to suit your needs.


knappedHigh-Quality Brick Arch Lintel and Brick Arch Construction

When carrying out work on a brick arch lintel, or even full brick arch construction, the structure can be pre-pointed with lime epoxy mortar in a colour of your choice, or larger joints can be left open for pointing on site. In this way, it’s easier to match the existing colours. Our prefabricated brick arches are used mainly in the housing and commercial building sectors, and are ideally suited to both modern and historic buildings alike. With years of expertise under our belts, we are very proud of our skills, and always aim to exceed customer expectations with our beautiful brickwork. Before constructing a brick arch, we take time to produce fully-dimensioned drawings for approval, so we eliminate errors and provide exceptional work for every single one of our customers. Our wide range of clients includes architects, construction companies and people pursuing individual projects, and we offer a complete range of services for all.  

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For more information with regards to our provision of prefabricated brick arches or structural brick arches, please get in contact with the expert team at All Brick & Stone. No project is too big or too small for our team to take on, so call us today on 01189 798899 or send an email to to make an enquiry.

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