Avoiding Brickwork Problems

brickBrick as a cladding medium has centuries of tradition and experience, demonstrating the robust and durable nature of the material. Specifiers appreciate the subtle hues and innate character present in stock and handmade facings and the clinical precision that extruded wirecut bricks can offer. All too often however, landmark projects are disfigured with unsightly efflorescence in the form of white and brown salts migrating to the surface of the brickwork. Other problems are commonly experienced, including banding or patches of incongruous colours appearing on individual elevations and bricks varying in size to such an extent that mortar joints cannot be kept in alignment without them varying unacceptably in width. The key imperative must be to avoid these problems and whilst good site practice and protection during construction are integral parts of this equation, as is effective brickwork detailing, the onus is on the brick itself, to be of the optimum quality. At All Brick & Stone we have the complete portfolio of options at our command and have the perspective and independence to help assure that only the highest quality facing bricks are considered.